Cast & Crew

Narrator: Victoria Atkin.  Lead Dancer: Katherine Cowgill. Dancers: Sam Akins, Alexandra Hughes, Avi Adams, Bianca Bulle.

Director: Jes Bickhart. DP: Charlie Balch. 1st AD: Dustin Miller. Hair: Joe Espinoza. Makeup: Raquel E. Grijalva.  Editor: Rob Stiles. Original Music: CM French.  Special thanks to the Los Angeles Ballet and the Kodak Motion Picture group on their donations of time and 35mm film.


Bloch is one of the leading international brands in ballet. With over 90 years of dedication to artists, we set out to create a commercial spec that honored this legacy and commitment to the preservation of the arts. With a 35mm film grant from the Kodak Motion Picture group, we focused on the introspective loneliness and poetic nature of ballet set against the words of Robin Williams to his students in the film 'Dead Poet's Society'.

Press: Cinematic Poems

Cast & Crew

Starring: Samantha Raye Droke and Kevin Schmidt.

Writer: Jes Bickhart. Directors: Jes Bickhart and John Bashyam. Producer: Brendan Kenney. Director of Photography: Trevor Wineman. Editors: Jes Bickhart, John Bashyam and Rob Stiles. Sound Design: Mert Ozcan. Music: Erick Del Aguila. Colorist: Todd Mark Osborn.


A proof of concept short film, TEMPUS tracks Sam and John, a millennial Bonnie and Clyde and engineering protégées, who build a device that can slow down time. For their first major test and being under 21, they attempt to lift booze from the local drug store before the big party.

Press: First Showing

Cast & Crew

Starring: Charly Jordan and Nick Hargrove. Voiceover by Kim Hidalgo and Samantha Droke.

Writer and Director: Jes Bickhart. Director of Photography: Joshua Lehnerd. Sound and Picture Editor: Rob Stiles. Music: John Dickson. Stylist: Joe Espinoza. Colorist: Logan Williams.


The best brands can articulate a movement. Set against a summer evening in Santa Monica, California, we set out to craft a spec honoring this passion from one of our favorites. Smart, creative, confident and comfortable, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic, Free People is defined perfectly by their individuality and spirit.