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Building PROSPERUM FINTECH HOLDINGS (PFH), a PE holding company for leading financial technology companies including the first trading platform powered by a personalized AI broker.

Building SPECTACLE, a hospitality and technology company entertaining audiences through story-driven immersive experiences.


Founder and CEO, MINNOW ('18 - '22, acquired by PFH)

Built a free streaming service consolidation service combining the libraries of all popular streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max into a single interface.  Raised seven-figures from venture capitalists including Steve Streit (Green Dot) and Doug Barry (Tivo, Pandora). Shipped apps across leading CTV, mobile, tablet and web.  Grew user base to over 250,000+ downloads and 70,000+ MAUs breaking into the Top 200 list on Apple's App Store.  Built one of the fastest growing film accounts on Instagram @minnowofficial with over 600,000+ followers including celebrities Michael B. Jordan and Jonah Hill.  

Collected, cleaned and categorized millions of data points everyday including content, viewership and subscription metrics.  Grew a profitable B2B sales division selling alternative entertainment data to leading hedge funds around the world.  In December 2022, we were acquired by Prosperum Fintech Holdings, a Chicago-based PE firm specializing in financial technology companies.

Press: Fast Company, Mashable

Development Executive, GIDDEN MEDIA ('12 - '18)

Film and television development executive under Amy Baer, former EVP of Columbia Pictures and Founder of CBS Films.  Developed a slate of over 20 projects, shepherding three through production: CBS Film's "Last Vegas" starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglass, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Kline, IFC's "Mary Shelley" starring Elle Fanning, and Bleeker Street's "Brian Banks" starring Aldis Hodge and Greg Kinnear.


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